Art Direction
Visual design

Created by The Royal Foundation, United for Wildlife is an organisation working to prevente critically endangered species from being exterminated.
In this project, we developed an online environment designed to help teams on the field to share crucial data.

It was essential for this website and its content to be perceived as trustworthy and reliable. Its credibility comes out in the quality of the overall laid-back look and feel of the website, easy to search, read and process with a clear user flow.
Spacious layouts, special attention to typography that led to use Arial, font setting optimised for the best readability, makes this website of quality while being mobile proof, light weight for an access from anywhere in the world.


Taskforce is a platform used everywhere across the globe with the best and worse internet access. We had to create a digital environment accessible by everyone without a glitch.

Taskforce Taskforce

Designing mobile first, working everything the most lightweighted possible, typography, visuals, loading solutions for the images, etc

Taskforce Taskforce Taskforce