Art Direction

Pleinvrees is a nomad electronic music festival based in Holland, with a strong sense of community. In 2016, they moved the brand new location, it was time for a fresh start, and a new identity that would properly reflect its core values.

The whole approach is based on the idea of the visitors entering a strange and exciting dream. A land of all possibilities visualised through the communication tools: logo, font and campaigns.

The logo, imagined as a totem, is an abstract representation of a land, as well a quirky eye watching you open to your interpretation.
Tapage, "loud" custom font is fully soaked in the lively universe. With its strong base and structure, it is an irregular and vibrant rhythm.
For the second season now, I also have been working on the whole poster campaign for the different events. Each one of them is thought as a location on the Pleinvrees map. A microcosme inviting you into bewilderment. Made of colourful abstract shapes, one is a wild jungle, intriguing and quirky, an other is an odd underwater world, a blurry city, etc.

Pleinvrees Pleinvrees Pleinvrees Pleinvrees